Cockt-ale Fram-Bush

During the month of July, we already shared a cocktail based on Surfine and gin (you can find the recipe here). In August, we have a cockt-ale entirely based on beer for you to try!

Of course, you have already tasted our Peche Mel Bush (shame on you, if you haven’t!), but did you know that you can create a similar beer yourself? The recipe is quite simple: just mix our Bush Ambrée with a raspberry beer of your own choice. (we strongly recommend a beer from one of the other Belgian Family Brewers ;)).

For some additional taste, add extra raspberries. Our advice would be to select a mix of fresh and frozen berries. This will not only keep your drink cold, it also gives a nice visual touch. Slice two raspberries in half, put them on your glass, kick back and relax. It’s time to enjoy a fresh and thirst-quenching cockt-ale.

Ingredients for 4 drinks:

  • 3 bottles of Bush (33cl)
  • 4 bottles of raspberry beer
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Frozen raspberries


Cockt-ale Frambush

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