Beer & Gastronomy

The Brasserie Dubuisson's beers, with their taste characteristics and their high alcohol contents, are genuine connoisseur beers. They can be enjoyed either on their own as an aperitif or digestif or at other times during the day, and can also be served with a piece of cheese. In addition to this, Dubuisson beers, and especially the various Triples packaged in 75 cl bottles, also go really well with both simple and more elaborate kinds of meal.

In this brochure, the Brasserie Dubuisson guides you through our range of beers and also offers pointers on the tricky subject of which Dubuisson beers are best served with specific dishes. Which dishes go best with our beers? What starters should you offer with Cuvée des Trolls? What dishes should you serve with Bush Blonde Triple? Which desserts or cheeses go best with Bush Amber? Which dish will bring out the best in amazing beers such as Bush Prestige or Bush de Nuits?

To find out, the Brasserie Dubuisson held a number of tasting sessions with some illustrious culinary guests who were asked to set their taste buds to work. They tasted five different beers, discussed their impressions and then sought out the perfect combinations with food. In the end they found out which dishes went perfectly with Cuvée des Trolls Triple, Bush Blonde Triple, Bush Ambrée Triple, Bush Prestige and Bush de Nuits.

The Brasserie Dubuisson was able to draw on the expert judgement of chefs Jean-Baptiste Thomaes (Château du Mylord in Ellezelles), Jean-Luc Delnatte (Moresto in Mouscron), Stefaan Couttenye ('t Hommelhof in Watou) and Hilaire Spreuwers (BitterZoet in Zonhoven), and food journalists Bernard Du Brulle (Ambiance, Aventures Gastronomiques), Frans Rombouts (Cook, Horeca Magazine) and Erik Verdonck (Ambiance).